Prêt-à-LLOD - LAPPS meeting

written by John McCrae on

Pret-a-LLOD members at NUI Galway met with Marc Verhagen (Brandeis University, USA) on LAPPS (Language Applications) Grid, an open interoperable web service platform for natural language processing research and development ...

Prêt-à-LLOD @ DH 2019 workshop on eLexicology

written by Paul Buitelaar on

Paul Buitelaar presented an overview of Pret-a-LLOD at a workshop on eLexicography between Digital Humanities and Artificial Intelligence ...

Prêt-à-LLOD at ELG

written by Thierry Declerck on

Thierry Declerck was representing the Prêt-à-LLOD project at the Kick-Off Meeting of the newly launched European Language Grid (ELG) project.

Prêt-à-LLOD at JURIX 2019

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The 32nd International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems (JURIX 2019) took place this year in Madrid on December 11th-13th, organised by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) ...

Prêt-à-LLOD Kick-off Meeting

written by John McCrae on

Prêt-à-LLOD Kick-off Meeting took a place in the Data Science Institute, NUI Galway, Ireland on January 17–18, 2019.

Survey: Your Business Expertise on the Language Technology Market needed!

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The H2020 project on Language Technologies “Prêt-à-LLOD” has started this January. The aim of the project is to provide resources and services for the growing European LT market ...

TEI-OntoLex Workshop

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In collaboration with the ELEXIS H2020 project, a two day workshop connecting the main developers of the OntoLex-Lemon model and the TEI Lex-0 model was held on the 4th and 5th of October in Sintra ...

TIAD 2019

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On last May, Prêt-à-LLOD supported the 2nd shared task for Translation Inference Across Dictionaries(TIAD 2019) ...