Cardamom Seminar Series - William Lamb (Edinburgh)

written by John McCrae on 2021-11-03


The seminar will take place at 17:00 Dublin Time on Tuesday 30th November over Zoom.

For a minority language with less than 60k speakers, Scottish Gaelic has a surprising level of provision in language technology. Over the past ten years, researchers have developed: part-of-speech taggers, lemmatisers, machine translation systems, an orthographic normaliser, a text-to-speech system, a syntactic parser, a handwriting recogniser and, most recently, a speech-to-text system. This talk will outline the current state-of-the-art and how some of these tools are being used within education and applied research. It will then consider what is necessary to move towards next generation NLP and NLG systems, such as a virtual assistant.

The Cardamom project is funded by the Irish Research Council and supported by Science Foundation Ireland as part of the Insight SFI Centre for Data Analytics.